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Ebook - NX Surface Modeling


Ebook - NX Surface Modeling

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Product description

The offered book is an advanced textbook for learning surface modeling in NX (digital version).

 It is intended for users familiar with the NX software (Siemens) at a basic level (solid modeling).


Book content:

~ 1100 PDF in English (NX English interface).

~ 280 practice prt files saved in NX 1899.

~ 400 movies (11 GB, 23h).


Ebook preview: https://online.fliphtml5.com/rskre/fxsn/#p=1

Movies preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti7cvzGZc1A

The buyer receives the files listed above.

The PDF file is read-only (not printable) with a watermark on each page containing information about the buyer (name, email). The PDF is password and certificate protected. The e-book can be opened using Adobe Acrobar Reader.

The PDF book and the digital materials associated with it are protected by copyright.

It is forbidden to transfer the received digital materials to third parties.